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Too often, the personal self-defense courses offered to the public require understanding complicated movements, which require hours of practical instruction before they are really useful (which is impossible to achieve in a seminar setting). Or, they are adaptations of military / special forces techniques which are often legally too violent for common civilian use. Our Simple, Direct, and Effective Self Defense course addresses this issue. Learn to maintain the physical safety of both the defender and the assailant, maintaining a moral (and perhaps legal) responsibility when defending yourself.

What You’ll Learn

Kyusho Tactical Control Program
( KTCP – Level 1)

Commonly called “pressure points”, this system will teach you specific neurological targets which can be used to control, immobilize, and even “knock-out” an assailant.

Learn the logical and effective “Magnificent 7 Lock Flow”.™

This exercise will teach you the most common joint locks and controls
found in common self-defense situations.

Developed by Grandmaster Bram Frank, the Close Range Medium ImPact Tool is a compact hand held tool designed to enhance and improve your close range self defense needs.

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In this seminar, you will be introduced to methods of defense that are simple to learn, direct in their use, and effective in their results. We will introduce these defense TACTICS by discussing the core fundamental principles from the three main systems we teach: CQT™, Kyusho® and CRMiPT2©

Tactics Martial Arts is proud to currently be the ONLY location in the tri-state area Officially Certified by Grandmaster Bram Frank and CSSD-SC to teach the proper use of the CRMiPT2© Self Defense and Rescue Tool.

– Tactics Martial Arts Studio has a Full-Time Filipino Martial Arts Program.
– We are the only ones that teach American Hwarang.
– Tactics Martial Arts Studio is the Tri-State+ Certification Center for Kyusho International.
– We are the Training Center for the Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai
(International Association of Kyusho-Jutsu Masters)

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