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We are operating under a new (and improved!) schedule.



  • KMA – Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri 5:00pm
  • FMA – Wed 5:00pm, Sat 10:00 AM


Morning / Afternoon

  • Kickboxing – Sat 12pm
  • FMA – Fri 9:30 AM, Sat 11 AM
  • KMA – On Request

Special Workshops

  • Bolo – Once a month on Saturday 1:00pm
  • Kyusho – Once a month on Saturday 1:00pm
  • CRMiPT – Once a month on Saturday 1:00pm


  • KMA – Mon 6:00pm | Tue, Thur and Fri 7:00pm
  • FMA – Mon 7:00pm | Tue, Thur and Fri 6:00pm
  • Self-Defense / CQT – Wed 6:00pm
  • Kickboxing – Wed 7:00pm


*KMA will include the standard KMA program as well as Throws and Sparring.
*FMA will include Single and Double Stick, Knife, Sword, Espada y Daga, CQT H2H, and Locks.

Weekly View:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
(Adults) FMA 9:30AM (Kids) FMA 10:00AM
(Kids) KMA 5:00PM (Kids) KMA 5:00PM (Kids) FMA 5:00PM (Kids) KMA 5:00PM (Kids) KMA 5:00PM (Adults) FMA 11:00AM
(Adults) KMA 6:00PM (Adults) FMA 6:00PM (Adults) Self Defense / CQT 6:00PM (Adults) FMA 6:00PM (Adults) FMA 6:00PM (Adults) Kickbox 12:00PM
(Adults) FMA 7:00PM (Adults) KMA 7:00PM (Adults) Kickbox 7:00PM (Adults) KMA 7:00PM (Adults) KMA 7:00PM *(Adults) Kyusho / Bolo / CRMiPT 1:00PM

 * Kyusho, Bolo, and CRMiPT are offered once a month


School Schedule