Learn. Train. Defend.

Be prepared for any situation.


Dedicated towards building a stronger mind, a tougher body, and a bigger heart.

At Tactics Martial Arts, we strive to create an environment based on personal growth, kindness, and respect. We teach both theory and practical martial arts methods to better equip you for any danger you might encounter. Ultimately, we strive to improve the lives of many people through learning the art of self-defense, and create a stronger, smarter, and safer community.


What We Teach

Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) is a martial discipline not too well known but seen in almost every top movie fight scene. It incorporates the use of single and double sticks 28” in size. Moves learned in FMA are then seamlessly incorporated into empty hand fighting and knife defense, all taught here. Strikes, takedowns, locks and kicks are taught in these classes making them very combative. You don’t need a stick to defend yourself. Any object can take its place.


Korean Martial Arts

Our Korean Martial Arts (KMA) follow a more traditional martial arts lineage, but bring things up to date for the 21st Century. Based on our American Hwarang system, we adopt from several different styles such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, and Judo and create a unique blend with an emphasis on street adaptability. Here you will learn entry combinations, proper kicking, throws, locks, pressure point strikes and more!



Also known as "pressure points", Kyusho is a study of anatomy. We teach a thorough understanding of how to manipulate the body's natural defense systems on a nervous, muscular, vascular, and skeletal level. With Kyusho training, you will be able to enhance your technique as the strikes and grabs you learn become even more effective and devastating.



Conquer your fears and find your strength.